Even though I “retired” when Amy was born, I still coordinate the planning and production of an event every May at the zoo for Children’s Mental Health Week. I understand the people on the coalition who are confused by my presence since they are there for their jobs and networking. I frequently ask myself why I am there when I have other things I should be doing. I understand but don’t enjoy the person on the coalition whose only contribution is to complain and criticize. I neither understand nor appreciate the people with jobs who could do this during their working hours saying that they are just too busy to do anything. I had more free time during the day when I was working than I ever do now (ducking head to avoid the flaming looks from tired, hard-working readers). I love and adore the people who just do what they can and trust that things will work out fine. Those people make it all fun and worthwhile. They turn what could be a stressful day of hard work on a hot summer day into an enjoyable and pleasant day spent with friends just before our baby is born.

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  1. I hope I fall in the later catagory. You guys really are so nice to help out and lead the event,b/c you are so right, you don’t have to at all. And the person who is ‘in charge’ begged you to do it.
    That grouchy person is really messed up in the head. She is aggravating to put it midly. I think she is a suckubus.

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