West Town Mall questions –
Why does the West Town Mall parking garage stairwells and theater elevator smell like urine?
Do you wait your turn or go find another family restroom when there is a childless couple in it?
The Parisian ladies’ room has soft sofas. Does the men’s room?
Why do the girls’ dresses skip from cute to teen around size 8?

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  1. 1) Because it’s tradition. Every parking garage stairwell smells that way. I think it’s actually mixed into the paint.

    2) Where is a “family restroom” at West Town?

    3) No one has actually ever been in a Men’s Room at Parisians, since it’s required that all men stay outside on the benches waiting on their wives. All the males employees are required to hold it.

    4) I’m not listening…la la la la la la….

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