Looking at my belly makes me think of Easter. I am thinking about painting my belly like an Easter egg and posting a picture. Then again, maybe I’m too shy to do so. I could be talked into it if some other bloggers posted their own Easter egg pictures. You don’t have to be pregnant to participate. Maybe you or someone you know has a bald head. Maybe you are going to decorate an ostrich egg. Be creative. Post your pictures on your blogs and send me a link to your blog in comments or e-mail. I’ll post a list of all the participants when I post my picture.

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  1. Carson and I both painted our preggo bellies at Easter in 2000. (It was a mommy group challenge and apparently we were the only two ambitious enough to do it!) I’ll see if I can talk her into posting hers. I’ve got to dig mine out and scan.

    I’d love to see your belly painted!

  2. Hi Folks,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures on my gallery, If any of you would like to add to the gallery, email me the images and i’ll add them in.


  3. I had a TON of preggo belly painted as egg pictures last year, but I threw a fit when I miscarried and deleted all my links! But I would LOVE to see your belly painted! Come on! If it makes you feel better, don’t show your face, just your belly! Think of the souvenir you can hand down to your baby! “Honey, this is why you need therapy. When you were in there, I painted you like an Easter Egg. Any other questions?”

  4. LOL, that is really funny. At least it passes the time while you’re pregnant, though I must say, it never occurred to me to paint my belly even once.

  5. That’s not very Easter-y behavior boys. 🙂 Think pastels and polks dots. Spring is happy and fun, not gross.

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