My LOST theory so far: Some sort of military experiments were taking place on this island somewhere in the South Pacific. Things went wrong and they either sent out a distress call or a stay away call, whichever it was the military didn’t answer them. The scientists on the boat tried to find them and something went wrong that caused the French woman to kill several of her fellow scientists. If the airplane survivors ever make it to the black rock they’ll be exposed to the leftover radiation or whatever that causes some of the problems. If they ever get into the underground facility they’ll find answers but lots of dead bodies. I hope they line that cradle with something soft because it looked a bit splinter-y and dangerous. I LOVED Hurley’s back story.

The Rocky Top Brigade left me out of their roll call but, oh well.

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  1. I am sooo loving how all these stories are fitting together in some way. So cool! I loved Hurley’s back story, too. We were talking about that at work today. He is so funny to me and I thought his story was perfect. But oh so freaky with the numbers tying in together. I love this show!

  2. I skipped a few episodes and found that really helped me enjoy last night’s show. It had gotten boring, and is still moving at the world’s slowest pace, but I’m back into it now. I loved Hurley’s back story, too! He probably owns the “box company” that made that buried object with the numbers on it.

    I especially loved his rant about not hunting for the jungle monster.

  3. That was the second best episode. Locke’s story is still the best. Those numbers are everywhere in the show: 48 survivors, flight 815, French lady been there 16 years…

    I missed the episode referencing the “black rock,” can someone fill me in?

  4. Watching last night was great! I just love Hurley. I’m fascinated by the way everyone is fitting together. My guess is that Hurley is the majority stockholder in the box company that Locke worked for. I got a chill when that aussie lady was telling Hurley about the radio transmission 16 years ago and I started nugding BT telling him that that was how old Syeed said the distress signal had been running. I’m seriously thinking about playing those numbers in the lottery tomorrow LOL

  5. Yes I did but she’s under some big stress right now so it’s no big deal. I was just being whiney. Blame the hormones.

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