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  1. a) People that get involved in this business sometimes just get the urge to “come out of the water closet”

    b) $19.95 per month to one

  2. Hammm that might work Doug but I’m thinking with all that right there:

    a) why would you ever want to leave the bathroom?

    b) what are the odds that somehow that “streaming video” ends up on some freak site?

  3. I could always install a camera in the toilet. I think they call that “streaming video.” I could install a monitor in the wall in front of the commode that shows picture in picture with television in one picture and the Internet in another (for the traditional “reading in the bathroom”) as well as Voice Over I P (means speak up so no one hears what you are doing) telephone/video conferencing. Of course we would have to have a moisture sensor that would flip to the toilet cam at the appropriate time and turn on the targeting graphics (cross hairs, water pressure, seat temperature, etc) so that you could hit the cup. In the deluxe version a robotic hand could extend the cup for you.

  4. On a more serious note…I heard on a pg board once that some drs offices have cups that have handles so you can at least avoid getting a wet hand.

  5. This started out as an innocent but honest post and my DH has turned it into something completely different. I would send you to time-out but you’d like it too much, so I’ll just make a “honey-do” list instead.

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