It’s time for an update on the people we unaffectionately refer to as “the renters” in our cove. I talked about them before here and here. After several weeks of coming over and asking Doug to use the jumper cables on their car, they suddenly have no cars at their house. I assume one has been in the shop for two weeks and the other has been re-po’d. Since they had 3 accidents that were someone else’s fault in the past year, we figure they have several phony lawsuits pending. They now have their phones cut-off, so they knock on our door more than a dozen times each week to use our phone. We think their water is cut-off because they sneak out the front door and disappear around the corner of their house while one stays behind as a look-out. The only place they could be going is the empty house next to them. I guess the empty house has running water. They also ask to be driven to the store and today they asked to be driven to a bank across town. I’m glad Doug said no to the bank because he might have ended up an accessory to some crime. These people are like serial grifters. I look forward to the day they disappear in the night with their rent unpaid.

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