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  1. Cathy – sorry to read about the glucose test .. that was one of my biggest fears when I was pg (and still a great concern as we think abot having another babay). I’m sure you will handle this challenge with same aplomb as you have handled the others that life has given you. You will be in my thougts as prayers as the due date nears.

    So you may be wondering why I am going to ask this next question … do you have any other recipes for use with the Girl Scout cookies? I just picked up our annual order of 10 (plus a few that my husband picked up this weekend). I can’t help myself if I eat them rigt out of the box, but if I put them in something I’m more likely to watch my indulgences.

    Thanks, Chrisanne

  2. Girlscout Cookies

    As a child growing up in New England, I had a serious sweet tooth. I ate the powdered Jello right out of the box.

    Combine a sweet tooth with a blizzard and I’ve got life-time moral obligation to buy GirlScout Cookies. I was maybe 10. I may also have just been punished for tormenting my little sister, a Brownie.

    I’m out in a fresh snow. I come across a Girl Scout delivering the cookies for which she had taken orders and collected. With scarf arround my face, I take the girl with the sugar from behind, effectively burrying her head in a snow bank. I grab the cookies and run.

    For the last 15 years now, I have forced myself to buy Girlscout cookies whenever presented with the opportunity. It’s sort of an atonement.

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