My very last post on Girl Scout cookies this season is:
Why do people buy Girl Scout cookies?
Clearly, Girl Scout cookies are not a great bargain. They are expensive and there are not a lot of cookies in each package. They are priced like the fundraiser that they are but, people still buy them. When senior adults buy the cookies even though you just know it is not in their carefully balanced personal budget, they almost always have a story about their now adult daughter having been a Girl Scout. When hordes of college females see cookie booths, the ones who break away from the group and come to buy cookies that are almost certainly not on their diets are usually young women who were once Girl Scouts. Every so often a man will buy cookies and relate that if Girl Scouts means to girls what Boy Scouts meant to him, it MUST be a good thing. People who buy the cookies believe in Girl Scouting and want to help the girls. For some people it is just the memory of a specific cookie’s taste that keeps them coming back every year. The stories and smiles of customers at cookie booths make everyone involved feel good. Girl Scout cookies are happy memories and good feelings.

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