After neglecting everything around the house for three weeks I am now faced with what the government would certainly declare a disaster area. At the top of my priority list today is catching up with the laundry. With 6 and a half people and assorted animals in our household, laundry is always a challenge. When you add in a huge belly that makes the bending over to get stuff in and out of the washer and dryer as well as dragging the laundry up the staircase several times a day, the task seems overwhelming. I have only come up with two possible solutions so far. First, we could have one day when everyone stays in their jammies all day so that nothing else gets dirty. This would still be one very long day of non-stop laundry and is not really possible with the errands and activities we have nearly every day. My second plan is to spend one day each week at the laundromat. I have actually done this a few times and loved it. I spend about 4 hours at the laundromat with nearly every machine full, including the plus sized machines that handle blankets and comforters so nicely. The problem with this method is the cost. Until someone creates a laundromat with some sort of membership that would allow me unlimited usage for a monthly fee, I can't really afford the laundromat. I'm going to have to keep trying to develop a solution or Doug is going to cut a hole in the floor to make it easier to get the laundry from upstairs to the downstairs. We don't need any more unfinished construction projects.

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  1. Well, Doug could do what I do and do half or more of it himself. And I have a full time job, so there’s no excuse for not helping out 😉

  2. When I was pregnant I would pile the laundry together in baskets and then ask Matt to deliver them to rooms for me. (though I was told not to lift more than 20lbs.) I would then put them away all at once.

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