The news is full of too much sadness right now and I am trying hard to remain mellow so I’m going to play ostrich and not talk about it. Instead I need to decide what kind of paint to use on my belly so I can post a belly picture before Easter. I filled all the plastic eggs last night (Yes, I ate some candy. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.) so all that’s left to do is hard-boil and color eggs. It’s not cold outside but it looks like rain will keep the Easter Bunny indoors this year. My parents got tickets for Amy and her cousin to go see “Dora Live” next month. That should be loud fun.

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  1. Plain old acrylics are cheap and work just fine. Just be careful with red and yellow with clothes. I got a few spots on mine that didn’t come out.

    Oh I can’t wait to see!

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