Apparently I’ve been blocked from some offices. My belly is painted as an egg and I have two flowers that may make this “not safe for work” albiet tasteful.Click to VIEW the hidden picture.Hide picture.

This picture is a bit too graphic so I’ll take it down shortly. I am not liable for any blindness caused by the horrors of this photograph.Posted by Hello

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  1. Awesome! What a keepsake! How appropriate for the themes of Easter and new life. Thank you for sharing. It makes my day.

  2. Defnitely a “Keeper” picture fro when that babe gets older and you can show she/he how “happy mom” was to be expecting em. One for the Baby Book, to be sure. (And lots cuter than when I was preggers too…some gals have all the luck! LOL)

  3. Holy crow…that’s an awesome shot! My husband would’ve loved me to do something like this…me, not so much ;o)

  4. Rock. ON.

    That is awesome. Don’t take it down. I never had a big belly at Easter time, my kids were born in Sept, Dec and (early) March. But I did wear bikinis when I was preggo. THAT got some looks at the lake and poolside.

  5. Thats really cute. I wouldn’t say its too graphic’y or anything. As long as its taken with innosence in mind. Nice blog btw.

  6. What a great picture! I think that you should keep it! There is nothing wrong or distasteful about the picture! Your child will love it when he/she is old enough to understand what everything is. LOL

  7. What a marvelous, wonderful picture!

    Found this late from Doug’s post, but so glad I did. You look radiant (of course) and love the playfulness.

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