This picture was strange enough, what was I thinking when I posted this one? Well, I’m pregnant so I run on hormones and not rational thought. Still, I’ll try to tell some of the back story. My original intention was just to paint my belly and post it for fun on Easter. I decided it would be much easier if Doug painted my belly since I can’t see below the belly button. Doug found this all to be great fun and painting the flowers was his idea. I was sitting cross-legged on the bed which I am really too round to do comfortably so I kept rocking back onto my hands to ease the pressure. The longer it took to paint, the more I wanted to scratch the area being painted. Uncomfortable and twitching with itchies already, my bladder decided to start complaining. I asked Doug to throw some paper grass over the area I didn’t want photographed. Doug took one handful and carefully covered the requested area but it looked far too obscene (green fro?), so I dumped the entire bag across my lap while Doug grabbed the camera for a few quick pictures. I was cool with the belly shots but the pictures of the flowers made me so uncomfortable I couldn’t look at the camera despite Doug’s barrage of jokes to try and make me laugh. The look on my face was either inspired by Doug’s offer to let me paint his body or his asking if I wanted to publish photos of his upcoming vasectomy in my blog. Both were very funny at the time. At any rate, I thought the amount of effort Doug put into painting deserved recognition and I was in a hurry to get bathed and dressed for church so I posted two pictures intending to remove one later. Doug and I only visit my parents’ church a few times a year and this was one of those days. When I realized that Knox County’s sheriff was sitting directly in front of me at church I had a mental flash that he would be arresting me for public indecency right then and there. He shook my hand with a blank expression so my fears were unfounded. I guess I enjoyed the blogosphere’s reaction to my risque escapades because I decided to leave the pictures up, just tucked away a bit so people wouldn’t have to see the flowers.

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  1. I agree with Julie. the picture was very tasteful and you were absolutely beautiful. please don’t let other people talk you out of thinking otherwise.

  2. I let Cathy know that I was nervous pulling up her blog from work, because the picture would then be part of the “record” of what I’ve seen. I thought the picture itself was fine, but it would mean I couldn’t visit her site during work hours.

  3. I think Cathy was saying that this wasn’t erotic, it was hilarious and is just trying to share the run. We laughed the whole time and are still making jokes. It’s an awesome picture. If she was thinking anything less, I’m sure she would have pulled it by now. I need to make a wallet sized šŸ™‚ “and this is my almost 3 year old and, oh yes, this is my wife”

  4. Sorry, meant to include it probably wasn’t just my work that could be trouble – anyone’s that has that kind of policy would…

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