I felt great after the hiking. That night I took advantage of a rare moment when Molly wasn’t sprawled the entire width of the bed to stretch my legs and one calf wrenched itself up in one of those infamous pregnancy leg cramps. I writhed in pain for several minutes and accidently woke Doug. He sat silently until I was finished, asked if I was having contractions and when I hissed that it was a leg cramp he rolled over and commenced snoring instantly. Yesterday the leg was still tight and today it hurts so much I have a noticeable limp. A waddling limp is not very attractive. I think I’m channeling Igor.

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  1. Not that it will help much now with the leftover pain but when I got those when I was preggers I found that standing on a cold floor helped. I also started to eat a banana every day as my doc said the potassium in the nanner would help with those calf cramps.

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