I am fine with Doug telling me that I “look really tired”. I prefer his honesty to any Twix commercial type behaviors. What bothers me is that I have now had several strangers comment on how “tired I look”. Does it make them feel better about themselves to point this out? I can’t see how it could. Do they think they are enlightening me with information that will help me in some way? Surely not. Is this their version of small talk? Maybe. I know that people like to say whatever crosses their mind to pregnant women (“you are HUGE”) so I am not annoyed, just perplexed. Would you comment to a stranger about how tired they look? Here’s a little inside scoop just from me to you, that’s not tired you see. That’s panic about having a baby in 3 to 5 weeks and feeling unprepared. When you see me AFTER this baby is born you will be seeing what “really tired” looks like.

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  1. Having been a preggo myself, I would NEVER comment on how huge someone was. I was huge from conception with Emily and I KNEW I was big. I didn’t want people to lie to me or anything, but I didn’t need to hear, “whoa! Stand back! She’s gonna blow!” either.

    Smack ’em all upside the head. Or if they say you’re huge, say, “Yeah, but in a few weeks I’ll be dropping a lot of weight. How about YOU?”

  2. Honestly, it could be that people have nothing else to say and feel this insane need to fill the void.

    Lord knows I’ve said quite a few dumb-ass things like that in my day.

    Or it could be they are concerned about you.

  3. I agree w/ Lost! You look all hot and sexy and pretty, as always!
    If I can help you all get ready in anyway, let me know!

    I’m not pregnant and people ask me if I am all frequently, I say no just fat now. But I want to say, until you see a head crowning, don’t ask me that.

  4. if I lived closer I’d throw in what I could do – paint mostly but it’s a really really really long drive LOL

  5. option 1 is just dump rock in it and cover the rock with dirt. But you don’t want to go half way with this, carpet or hardwood and then have a floor destroy the carpets or hardwoods.

  6. They probably MEAN well but for some reason people say all kinds of stupid things to pregnant women ooooohhhh and worst of all, complete strangers come up and TOUCH your stomach. *shudder* I personally think you look FABULOUS, It is so not fair that you look that young and pretty while you’re that pregnant. I’m so jealous.

  7. We need a second opinion on that french drain. No leaks since the trench was dug, so what are our options for closing it now.

  8. We need:
    -a trench dug
    -a yard mowed
    -property survey
    -a 20 person landscape crew with earth movers, 40 tons of 3/4 gravel, 60 tons of top soil, 80 feet of 4″ PVC pipe, chicken wire, a back hoe and/or bobcat, and sod..lots of sod
    -an accountant and tax lawyer
    -shower installed
    -painter indoors and outdoors
    -window installer
    -wood floors refinished
    -general maid service
    -lots of website referrals
    -lots of links to Complete Lottery Info and TN Lottery Results
    -lots of computer repair referrals

    ..but mostly, your continued moral support. Thanks for being there for Cathy!

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