While watching tv in bed instead of cleaning (what I SHOULD have been doing) I found old Partridge Family episodes on the “on-demand” channel. Instead of tickling the memory area of my brain and getting a warm fuzzy I felt like someone was poking my memory area with a stick. “Ouch, stop it. Ouch, stop it.” The opening song lyrics have been changed and the voices are not even right. In our copyright happiness we are ruining our own memories. Don’t even get me started on the “Happy Birthday” song.

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  1. In our crazy world, it’s insane that things can’t be released in their original form. Like I know a bunch of Greatest Americna Hero extreme fans are complaining that the DVDs had to insert some different musical cues into the stories as they couldn’at afford the rights to the songs that were originally used. (Well, not at keep the DVDs priced at a point where any of us would buy them).

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