THIS is really funny BUT if I don’t deliver before then I’ll be induced on May 20th so, I’ll officially be the very last person in America to see it! Everyone will have posted complaints and spoilers so much by the end of the weekend that I may as well wait for the DVD. At least I worked in a theater when episodes 5 & 6 were released. We watched them the night before they were released and a thousand times after that.

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  1. I delivered my son the day before episode 2 was released in 2002…I’ve STILL not seen it!!

  2. I do have much better memories of the next one since I was a high school junior. The first posters came out with a different name than the movie ended up having.

  3. I was 14 and worked 2 afternoons a week at the movie theater (refreshment stand) at the no-longer existing Mall of Memphis. The manager liked minors because he could pay them less than minimum wage. By the time the next movie came out I was working 20+ hours a week there, including late on school nights.

  4. Man, that sounds like a damn good reason to not induce for an extra day.

    I didn’t see episode 6 until it came out on DVD for lack of a babysitter. Sigh.

  5. Yes, the manager was eventually fired for all the laws he broke in lying about employees ages, hours worked and (mostly) for stealing from the arcade machines.

  6. You can go to the Midnight showing on the 18th! The excitement might just do it for you! My Mom and Dad used to go to old WWII movies to feel me kick.

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