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  1. Amen, sister. Apparently they’re afraid of losing the market share of all the current and potential Lung Cancer and Emphysema patients…

  2. Can’t they at least step away from the doorways? Why do they scowl at ME when I say excuse me to try and get them to move and let me pass?

  3. Could be worse…they could be smoking indoors.

    Ok, they couldn’t. But it’s kind of fun to think about what would happen to them if they tried.

  4. I go in and out of ERs and hospitals while at work. I’ve noticed that a lot of facilities have designated smoking areas AWAY from the doors to their facilities. Most people still ignore that. I agree with Barry, smokers tend to be a more self-centered group. I wonder why that is…

  5. Probably because that is where the ashtrays are? Most places want their smoking employees to use the ashtrays and NOT the ground so said smokers stay close to the ashtrays.
    Btw, I don’t agree that smokers are self-centred. Smokers have never tried to close a cigar bar because non-smokers were in it. Non-smokers are getting more and more to tell the truth. What gives a non-smoker the right to go into a smoking section and then give the smoker the look of death and ask them to put out their cigarette. Smokers and the overweight are two groups left that people quite free to discriminate against and be rude to.

  6. The ashtrays are not right in front of the door at the medical building or hospital. While I agree that smokers get a lot of grief, that does not mean they should be blocking doorways and smoking where sick people must pass through. I do think the people with IVs and oxygen look very sad standing out there smoking.

  7. What’s so amazing is that often times it is the health professionals themselves who are smoking by the doors. Obviously, this is a fine example of the poor concept and value Americans have of “health.”

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