Foods I want to eat after this baby is born: Jeni’s banana pudding, Pasta, Traditional banana pudding, Pancakes, Rita’s thumbprint cookies, Strawberry shortcake, White chocolate banana pudding, Godiva dark chocolate, Banana milkshake, French toast, My grandmother’s strawberry birthday cake, Biscuits with butter and jelly, PF Changs, Puleo’s and I’m sure I’ll think of more later. What would you want after several months of no-sugar, low carb eating?

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  1. How will you be informing us that you are in the hospital? I will certainly bring treats either too the hospital or to your home. You say which, because I know how overwhelming hospital visitors can be after you’ve just given birth. however, your desire to consume sugar may override that feeling of being overwhelmed.

  2. I see some bananas in your future.

    I’m personally hoping for less than one hour old baby pictures!

  3. Oooh! Easter pictures, live action delivery pictures…this is a really “happening” blog! LOL! Just wonder if Doug would live long after posting those… 😉

  4. You KNOW I will blog when I leave for the hospital and Doug will blog when anything happens. Friends are welcome anytime, anywhere. Especially friends who cook. 🙂

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