Let’s recap my Mother’s Day experience:
Tommy asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day so I asked him to please mow the yard for my gift.
He didn’t. Doug asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day so I asked him to do any project around the house for my gift. He didn’t.
Saturday night Doug and Tommy went to the movies while I stayed home and did some cleaning. Doug told everyone that he would be working on our bedroom wall on Sunday. I told everyone that Doug would sleep and computer on Sunday. Sunday morning I woke up at 7 and did a load of laundry followed by a load of dishes. I straightened all the childrens’ bedrooms except for Tommy’s since he was still sleeping. Started a second load of laundry and then took a long soak in the bathtub. Got dressed and folded clean laundry. At 11 Tommy awoke and got dressed only because he was excited at the prospect of eating out. At noon Doug awoke and one of the kitchen drawers broke when he tried to open it so he put it on the table where it will now sit for months. Doug quickly dressed and we went to the restaurant. I told Doug that Molly would be raiding the trash while we were gone but he said he blocked the trashcan with a chair. We had a pleasant meal complete with homemade cards that Sarah, Noah and Amy had made at school. Noah’s card broke my heart. I’ll go back to that. My Mother gave me cash with strict orders to buy something for myself when I started talking about new shoes for Tommy. Doug told everyone that my gift was the wall he would be making. I rolled my eyes. Went outside to find my Mother’s new car very damaged and Amy’s diaper bag stolen. Went home so Doug could sit at his computer. Molly had scattered the trash all over the house. I took the two oldest children out to find sandals. It took 14 tries to get a pair of sandals that Tommy would wear. He still needs sneakers but I was too frustrated to keep trying. Sarah liked every single pair of sandals she tried on but we both agreed on a cute pair. Grabbed sale shirts for Sarah, Tommy and Doug as well as a strapless bra for Sarah which thrilled her. Bought myself one Mooshi pillow for my tummy. Came home to do more laundry, more dishes and cleaning up the day’s messes. Amy claimed the “squishy pillow” but Doug took it from her after she fell asleep. Finally went to bed at 10 to read the newspaper.

Oh, Noah’s handmade card read: “I wish my Mom would have fun more. Love, NGC, otherwise known as your youngest son”

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