Yes, today is Friday the 13th. No, I would not mind having a baby today. Since the only thing happening in that area of my body is that my back hurts like crazy and just for fun I occasionally get stabbing pains down one of my legs that make walking impossible, I think I will take ALL the Girl Scouts to the circus tonight. I like the clowns, trained dogs and the fast pace of the action taking place all over the arena floor. Contortionists are creepy and wild animals like elephants and tigers doing tricks makes me feel a little uncomfortable and sad. Is there any known correlation between the circus and going into labor? Is there any correlation between going into labor and Friday the 13th? I think there are a lot of things worthy of fear, but the imposed date and day of the week are not one of them. What do YOU fear?

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  1. Ick! I think the THOUGHT of eggplant lasagna causes labour to avoid eating it.
    Hmm, crowds scare me and flying stinging insects.

  2. If you have the baby today, he will share his birthday with Dennis Rodman, Harvey Keitel, and Beatrice Arthur. I don’t know if that translates as good or bad?

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