This week’s Knoxville area ladies room reviews:

Coliseum – Grade “F”
I have seen cleaner and better designed bathrooms at gas stations. These bathrooms are dark, dirty and poorly designed for traffic flow. Before our event even began the tissue supply was almost gone. Those cloth roll hand dryers are so dirty and disgusting that they should be thrown away. There are too few stalls and they are too tiny for a parent with a toddler. I had trouble getting the door open enough to exit because of my large stomach. The rotting conference table tossed in one corner for changing babies is inexcusable. Tear this bathroom down and start over.

Babies R Us – Grade “C”
Moderately clean but maintenance needs to done and the bland off-white is very cold and unpleasant. Paint, put something on the walls and consider adding a toddler stall. They do have a small changing area with a rocker for nursing across the hall and I give them bonus points for not expecting Mothers to nurse in the bathroom.

Connor’s – Grade “B”
Clean, attractive and all automated but too few stalls.

Parisian at West Town Mall – Grade “A”
Even though they have taken out the telephone, this is still a very clean, attractive and calming restroom. Great decor with minimal advertising and plenty of stalls as well as a floor length mirror add to the atmosphere. The sofa and chairs are separated from the stalls so it doesn’t feel nasty to nurse in this room.

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