I have fandangoed tickets for the rest of the family to see Star Wars on Noah’s birthday. I dropped off Star Wars micro-machines for the bakery to use on top of the requested chocolate cake. The presents are bought (all Star Wars themed) and as soon as the children are in bed I will get the gifts wrapped. Noah’s birthday should be okay regardless of whether I am home with the baby, in the hospital or still waiting and grumbling. I know am clearly insane, but I think at tomorrow’s midwife appointment I’ll beg for one more week to let this baby come on his own. I really don’t want to be induced. Or maybe I do.

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  1. I heard the NPR review today and they said it is the best of the last three, of course it doesn’t compare to the first, but is still quite good. IN another npr story, they talked about the parallels between george bush and darth vadar and the struggle between good/evil and how some quotes are quite like things we have heard from this administration. That was pretty groovy.

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