The good news is that I whined about not wanting to be induced and now I don’t have to hear about it again until Monday’s appointment. The bad news is that I am only up to 2 cm. The good news is that is what I was the entire time I was in labor with Amy. In a five minute time frame I went from 2 to 10 so maybe this is as ready as I get before labor starts. So where are the serious contractions instead of the painless but constant ones I have now? I am off to walk the mall and visit all of their restrooms. The other good news is that rain is in the forecast for tomorrow and the best news of all is that Sunday will be a full moon. Now all I need is some special tea and black magic.

6 thoughts on “111644339417211964

  1. Boom chaka-laka-la. Boom-chaka-laka-loo.

    If there were a guaranteed snowstorm, that baby’d be coming out! LOL!

  2. oh, the full moon, yah that is going to do it,,
    you can just go out in the field under the moon and squat and do it like they used to…
    tee hee

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