I know I shouldn’t defend a movie I won’t see until it is released on DVD but I am adding my two cents anyway. Yes, the new Star Wars movie is dark, sad and violent. We all know what has to happen in this movie and it is not a happy thing to watch someone become evil and without any redeemable human qualities. Hardcore Star Wars fans were teens when the first three movies were released. Those fans are now adults and they would be very disappointed if their movie didn’t grow up with them. Adults expect more than the cheese of the 80s and special effects have developed that make things MUCH more realistic. The fans who didn’t stay in their parents’ basements and now have children of their own should know that the censored, child-safe version will be on television all too quickly. They should also know that older children see violence in their cartoons, comic books and endlessly repeated on the news that we were not exposed to as children. No, this movie isn’t made for children. It was made for my generation.

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