Top 10 List of: Things That Happen When Mom Takes a Bath
10. The phone rings.
9. Someone knocks on the door.
8. Two of the children decide to squabble LOUDLY.
7. Someone gets a boo-boo that needs immediate attention.
6. Molly drinks the bath water and leaves behind a trail that I will slip on when exiting the bath.
5. Noah has to use the potty because it is too urgent to make it downstairs.
4. Sarah comes in and asks for a ride somewhere in the next 5 minutes.
3. A naked toddler races in and jumps in the already crowded tub.
2. Noah and neighborhood children walk in room to ask questions.
1. Molly drops her slobbery ball in the bath water.

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  1. I notice nowhere on the list is, “Hubby joins wife in tub, marital bliss ensues”…

    I think you guys have an appointment in about 3 months or so after the baby’s here, and everyone’s at the sitter’s šŸ™‚

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