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  1. I could handle that problem!! Right now I’m toting a 6, 2 and .5 year old to the laundrymat with 2-30 gallon bags of laundry a week!

    Whenever someone stops to ask me if I need help, I just smile and say, “No thanks. This is my workout!”

    :0) I’m in great shape!!

  2. Me, too! The second one this year is going out. I strung a rope across the back yard, so thank goodness it has been hot and windy. I WANT a set of those washers and dryers that do a hundred towels at once, or something ridiculous like that.

  3. There’s a dryer that holds 100 towels? I always imagined we needed 2 dryers. Our dryer door is broken so we have to prop things against it to keep the door shut or it opens and clicks off.

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