My brother is starting to think that Indiana is better than Tennessee. I need more than “cool hospitals” to convince me. Last year, Tim sung the praises of Australia and he was pretty convincing. Anybody else want to tell me about where you live? Do you have mountains and rivers just a short drive away? Are the people in your town friendly and hospitable? Do you run into people you know everywhere you go? Does the whole town become enthusiastic and supportive on ‘game days’? Do you have 4 different seasons (not just 2)? Is Tennessee a good place to live?

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  1. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but Tennessee. I love it and I love everything about living here.

    Plust three small words: No income tax. LOL

  2. I miss Tennessee!!!! I’m a TN girl at heart and still run to the Knoxville area whenever I get a chance. The Carolinas aren’t *bad* – they’re just not Tennessee.

    Besides, it’s almost impossible to get used to people getting their panties all in a wad over professional sports and not giving two hoots really about the IMPORTANT sports. It’s very disconcerting when I have someone ask me, “Phil WHO?” Or even worse: “The Lady WHA-?” šŸ™‚

  3. I remember Tn as being beautiful…I’d live there. I’m from S.D and miss the ocean and mountains but I’ve love it in WI now where I’ve lived fo 8 yrs.

    It reminds me of MI..as its close enough and I’m in love with MI. 4 seasons, big lakes, green, green, green everywhere….

  4. I’m from Indiana. I live in Tennessee. No offense meant toward my home state, but I’ll stick with the latter.

  5. Indiana is very nice, I grew up there. Very typical Midwest with a nice change of seasons. I don’t know much about TN other than it’s warmer year round and gets less snow. hehe

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