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  1. Ain’t nothing like a little fresh boob juice. Already prewarmed and nicely packaged.

    The best was when we all shared dinner together and some freaky guy tried to tell me to feed my child in the bathroom. I told him when he would eat in there, so would my kidlin. Then Kate (now 8) proceeded to peek over the blanket and pull it completely out of my shirt strap (where I had it conveniently and strategically tucked) – thus revealing a meal of which he would never partake. Bwa ha haaaaaaaaaa…

    You go girl.

  2. I breast fed all five of my kids and NEVER figured out how to do it while standing up, walking OR throwing groceries in the cart. You are a very talented woman!

  3. We were in the parking lot of Fresh Market the other day when “Fresh” Market took on new meaning as the guy in the car beside us just stared at Cathy his mouth agape as Evan had a snack.

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