For her birthday, I wanted to buy Sarah the Gwen Stefani CD but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it because of the cover art. I guess I’m not as open minded as I thought I was.

Further explanation – When buying music for Sarah, I have been picking CDs from the Radio Disney playlist. I don’t expect the entire CD to be child friendly just because Disney plays one song. I bought her Bowling for Soup a few months ago and it has some language that is questionable but it just didn’t bother me the way this pose does. I don’t want to limit her musical listening to bubble gum pop stars and soundtracks to animated movies but she is too young for the in-your-face sexual stuff. She has asked me to buy the new Cold Play CD for her best friend’s birthday next week. Should I?

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  1. According to the resident 15 yr old, there isn’t anything overtly terrible in the Coldplay CD – the cover art is tame and (according to Katie)there is little to no swearies in the songs – at least the ones that she has heard but she isn’t a Coldplay fan.

  2. I agree with Arcite that we should be more worried about violence than sexuality which is why I was surprised at myself when I found I couldn’t buy this CD based only on the cover art. I had no idea it was full of swearies as there was no advisory sticker.

    Matt – I was 14 before I had albums that I had to listen to with headphones (or the parents would have taken them away).

  3. I completely agree with your decision not to buy this CD for your daughter. you would regret it every time you heard her singing “take a chance, you stupid ho” I promise.

    as for the new Coldplay, we have that album and it is kid-friendly. hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  4. I don’t blame you…it’s tough to be okay with what society dishes out sometimes. I found you through Poopie, wanted to say nice site! I like the quick thoughts πŸ™‚

  5. I have that album and honestly, for some songs, I turn the volume down b/c the lanuage can be offensive to some people. Def. wouldn’t buy it for an 11 year old. Her songs are mature ears, they might have a nice beat to them, but the words aren’t for young ears.

  6. I was a much more responsible child. They let me drive when i was 5. How ’bout you?

  7. I’ve heard hollaback or whatever that cheer song is called uncensored, and was shocked. It is a lot different than the “radio edit”. Of course, I had the Beastie Boys License to Ill on vinyl at her age…

  8. If buying for a child, make sure to get the wal-mart version, as that record has -far- more cursing than I ever would have guessed.

  9. Maybe Miss Katie could start a blog and review current music and movies from her perspective to help clueless parents.

  10. Scary to me the stuff kids listen to these days. I get frustrated with Radio Disney; it’s like a “Gateway” drug, musically speaking. The kids hear radio edits and then run out and get the real thing.

    I’m with you on the Gwen Stefani.

  11. Tish! I like the cover and think it’s really well done. The CDs harmless fun. I’m more worried about violence and hate in lyrics than Gwen’s playful posturing. Of course, it’s your call but that’s my 10 (NZ) cents worth.

  12. Why in the world would you even think of yourself as not being open minded? Your girl’s 11 – c’mon…there’s no way she should be around that kind of stuff – the artwork or the language. That should be a no-brainer.

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