This baby’s parent wanted her to be found and loved or they would not have made that phone call. It may not have been the best place to leave a baby, but it was not the tragedy that it could have been. If law enforcement hunts this infant’s parents down they are discouraging future parents from leaving their baby where they can be safely found. The problem with the current law is that all the places where babies can legally be abandoned are too heavily video-camera watched. The police should just thank the parent for alerting the pastor and then drop the case. The media should take the spotlight off this child and do a story explaining how infants can be safely, legally and anonymously turned over to the state.

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  1. Agreed. It’s also possible the parent was uniformed of the particular law. I believe some Safe Haven laws allow Fire Stations and Police Stations. I could be wrong, and maybe that mother thought churchs were acceptable.

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