It’s time to buy school supplies (there is always one item that the stores don’t have), new clothes (how did their legs get so much longer this summer?), backpacks and then prepare to write checks for each child’s school fees, workbooks, extra activities (art and music are extras?), PTA’s, lunches and whatever Knox County decides to cancel supplementing. As a child I always loved new school supplies and clothes. As a parent I love seeing my children clean, combed and ready for a new school year. It is less exciting to see them get off the bus dirty, untucked and bearing a pile of requests for checks as well as mountains of forms to be filled out in triplicate for each child.

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  1. Oh how I love home schooling this time of year. We just get up in the morning do school and then have the rest of the day to hang out together! Much less expense. though I do think I will be buying new clothes soon just because their jeans are starting to look like capris!

  2. We don’t even go back for another month. I’m still waiting on class assignments. But at least the teachers got off their collective rear ends and sent out supply lists early this year, so we can actually shop DURING the sales instead of AFTER them! WHEEEEE!

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