The house is dirty, laundry needs folding and dogs need bathing. I need to buy groceries, find Tommy’s birthday present and use the giant washing machines at the laundromat to wash the sleeping bags. I have two weeks to get Amy potty trained and one week to get school clothes and supplies for the children. Soooooo, I spent the morning sorting band-aids by cartoon character and putting them in separate ziploc bags.

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  1. Rediculous activities? Nah – it’s important that elmo and digimon don’t get mixed together! It could start a war!

  2. You guys are very sweet but I was really just astounded by my own ability to avoid chores and distract myself with ridiculous activities.

  3. We have a bunch of stuff coming for Tommy and tons of school supplies. Hope that helps a little with the “to do” list.

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