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  1. I’ll never forget feeding my son and youngest daughter (not at the same time!) and waking up to find them gasping and sputtering as milk was shooting them in the face! We’d both drift off and then wake up to a veritable milk shower!

    It’s a lovely picture. I wish I’d taken some like this when my babies were babies . . .

  2. A fine picture! It looks uncomfortable on your neck! But you do look content! Be sure to comment on mine that you’re up (I’m not posting until later).

  3. That is just so lovely. It doesn’t get any better then that. Well at least until they leave for college anyways. Happy HNT!

  4. the blissful look on your face is what motherhood is all about..
    or so my mom used to say, until i grew up to be a li’l terror! 😉

  5. I love that!!! maybe I’ll get brave and post a breastfeeding picture of my own.. it might scare people though, I become remarkably well endowed when nursing. ha.

  6. Awww, I love this pic. I miss breastfeeding so much. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Not to mention those hormones are the best high ever!!

    I have a pic of myself breastfeeding and I have actually considered it for HNT,but I’m just not sure about posting it. It’s such a personal thing. Glad you did though. Love it!

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