Yesterday on The Today Show Katie Couric interviewed a physician about breastfeeding. I didn’t see it because SpongeBob was entertaining Noah at that time. Non-Prom Queen watched it though. Apparently Katie Couric finds it creepy to see older babies being nursed. The article on the Today Show website states:

“It’s clear that these experts feel that infants should be exclusively breast-fed for the first six months of life. And they also recommend that breast-feeding be continued for 12 months with the addition of complementary food. Finally, breast-feeding for the first two years of life is encouraged.”

Shame on anyone who discourages mothers from doing what is best for their babies. I am disappointed that someone who worked so hard to reduce the stigma in another area would use their power as a celebrity irresponsibly on a subject like breastfeeding.

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  1. I think the Today Show is one of the worst when it comes to health advice. They had a fertility expert advise mothers to see artificial insemination if they aren’t pregnant after three months!?!

  2. I agree– shame on her. People in the public eye have a responsibility, I believe. And part of that responsibility is not to condone something that is natural and LEGAL!!!!!!

    You know, in a way I wish I had the age and experience 7 years ago when my son was born that I do now. I certainly would not have been sitting in stalls in bathrooms trying to nurse him, because I was afraid of someone looking at me crossways… kwim?

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