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  1. elmo!!! my daughter has a talking elmo that I step on ALL the time in the middle of the night, and elmo says “Elmo needs a BIG HUG!!!”. I can think of other things I might give Elmo in the middle of the night. ha!

  2. That’s terrible! And you call yourself a mother???

    I know–I think the same thing every time I hear it. Especially when you see it on TBS and they have to use the horribly dubbed voice saying something else!

  3. We had one of these, and the cookie monster one that goes with it. Oh, how I hated that thing, they were in the car and I’d make a turn and hear “Yippie kay ya yay!!” and want to kill that toy!

  4. and of course being a die hard fan i knew exactly what the next word is

    is it a word or a curse or an epithet?

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