I have said nothing in my blog about something that has captured the media’s attention. Lest it seem that I am unaware of anything happening in the world I will make just one comment. I want all of my children to have happy, productive lives. My worst nightmare would be losing a child and the mere thought of it is so horrible that I avoid it altogether. I have no doubt that it would change me. I don’t know if I would lose my sanity or become a crusader against injustice. I do know that my grief and suffering would be private and not a circus sideshow for the world to stare at in amazement. I have seen a mother throw herself on her daughter’s casket and watched a child stroke his dead father’s cheek. These were extremely personal glimpses into mourning. Family and friends alike had the good sense not to pull out cameras or stare. We bring casseroles and chicken to homes. We hug, hold hands and cry together. We listen silently or just listen to the silence. The missing are heard much louder in the silence than in a noisy crowd.

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