What good does it do to keep the classroom doors locked all day when you have small children spending their days in tornado magnets?

Why do different schools have their open house on the same night? at dinnertime?

Why is there no meal that everyone in the house will eat?

Why is printer ink so expensive?

Why can't three broken mowers be used to make one working mower?

Why are my back and shoulder killing me?

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  1. Printer ink is expensive because it is drawn from the blood of vampire bats from Madagascar. They’re hard to breed, thus the high cost.

    The first two questions are easily answered: because schools are run by large beaurocratic organizations that are so embroiled in funding disputes and testing that they cannot get any details right.

    The meal question: if you continue simplifying the menu until everyone’s upset with the scant offerings, they will suddenly be aching for what you’re serving now.

    I would refer the mower problem to your beloved. The answer is yes, quite easily more than likely. Give him a free day, twenty five bucks for spark plugs etc. and a 12 pack of beer and I bet you’d have a working mower by sundown.

    The last one – stop beating your children and that problem should clear right up…

  2. Philip scores such great answers! Except its not the children she is beating…

    I particularly like the free day and 12 pack of beer–was there something else to that answer?

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