For safety reasons, during the day the classroom doors stay closed and locked at my oldest daughter’s middle school. Citing health department rules, no home-made snacks are allowed at my youngest daughter’s preschool. Background checks are required to teach Sunday School or help in the nursery. Why do I still feel like moving my family to a cabin in the wilderness (Yes, I saw The Village.)? I think it is largely because no matter how many rules and restrictions we put in place, bad people will always do bad things. Does it really comfort parents that their child won’t be eating homemade cupcakes at school this year? I have known more than one family who left their doors unlocked when they left the house. They understood that locks don’t stop bad people. My heavily armed extended family thinks they are protected. I don't. Sometimes I think we should put Prozac in the drinking water.

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  1. They said it was a law passed in response to an incident in Memphis where an entire pre-school class became ill; however, I can find nothing on lexis-nexus.

  2. My wife suggested it might have something to do with the possibility of something being baked in a pan that had recently been used to bake something with peanuts or peanut butter, which could give a kid an allergy attack or something. I can kind of see the point there, somewhat.

  3. I still think the whole “allergic to peanuts” thing was made up by the airlines to reduce food costs by providing pretzels intead of peanuts in flight.

    No one was allegeric to peanuts when Carter was president!

  4. In order to go through the days of my life, I need to believe that there are more good people out there in the world then bad.
    BTW, Amy looks adorable on her first day of school!

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