Let the rains begin. I know everyone on the Gulf Coast is eager for the rains to end but I need the rains to get started. I am one of those freaky people who get terrible headaches just before rain. Headaches that start off as a shadow and build no matter how many Tylenol I ingest. The relief comes quickly once the rain begins although an echo lingers for a day or so. Doug likes to joke that I have some leftover primitive human barometer in my head. I do wonder why I am chosen for these stupid headaches that make me want to order Vicodan from the spammers.

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  1. You either have migrains or cluster headaches. My wife and daughter both get them. At least the daughter still gets them. Have you tried accupressure massage and accupuncture? They worked for the wife.

  2. I wonder what the heck it is, but it’s headache day up here in New England for me too. I have taken everything I can take at the proper intervals and still have it going. Bed is calling soon!

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