Are you an East TN blogger looking for ways to help the hurricane victims? A Knoxvillian has taken in 14 family members (including an 18-month-old and a 6-month-old) from New Orleans. This family lost EVERYTHING! They have no homes, no jobs, no clothing and no savings. They are all crowded in one small house and the Knoxville relative who took them in can’t afford to feed them, let alone find them a change of clothes. If you can help this family with food, clothing, housing or anything at all, please leave a comment or e-mail me and I will give you the family’s contact number.

Update: My mother took donations from Appalachistan over this evening. The sincere hugs and thank you’s were overwhelming. Two seniors, their adult children and spouses, two young grandchildren and a Boston Terrier all crammed in one little house are struggling to grasp with losing everything they own. They know they need to start over but the grief is too overwhelming right now.

Update: Donations from Instapundit and this man’s employer are on their way. Thank you. Thank you. Can you imagine the amount of food and work involved in feeding 16 people 3 times a day? It makes my laundry woes seem small. The adults seeking work are having to do so without any references or recommendations from their most recent employers.

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