I know that with 5 children the odds are pretty good that I’ll see a bit of everything. I still can’t understand why Evan hates the car seat. Have you ever heard of a baby who didn’t nod off every time the car moved? Of course not because babies are supposed to like the car. Why does Evan scream from the time he gets buckled in until he gets picked up?

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  1. My oldest did that. She screamed from the moment she got into the car until she got out. Come to find out, she was getting car sick. Once we were able to face forward, she quit screaming. It didn’t take her long to progress to getting sick all over her car seat but at least the screaming had stopped…lol! She did grow out of it for the most part.

  2. Not only do I also have five kids, but yes, one of them hated the carseat. Ugh. So the rest of us would sick LOUD to drown her crying out. hahah Of course, that one hated EVERYTHING as a baby.

    Oh, and I see one of yours is a Sarah too. 😀 We have a few things in common, huh?

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