Last night, Doug, Tommy, Evan and I went to see Serenity. We ALL liked the movie. It felt like watching television on a monster screen, but it was fun television and as socially unpopular as it is to admit, I like television. Serenity is a sci-fi flick with action, humor and futuristic setting but a plot that could have made a huge jab at our society. The plot was very linear and the main plot ‘revelation’ seems to come out of nowhere. It made sense, but there wasn’t a build-up in the first half of the movie that would have allowed the movie to have a more circular, full-bodied feel to it. I have to assume that it would have been more dimensional if I had watched or read any of the Firefly stuff so, of course I will end up finding the Firefly DVD now. The movie is rated PG-13 but most of the violence is less graphic than a video game. There is no nudity but there are a few brief (and funny) sexual references. Our hostess was wearing a Serenity hat that another blogger would have eagerly exchanged for the shirt on his back. Since our screening was attended by a small group of mostly loyal Joss Whedon fans who would proudly wear Serenity hats and shirts, they should have sent the marketing trinkets for the blogger screening instead of the media screening. This afternoon Tommy is going to write his own movie review but I will preface it by telling his first words when the movie ended. “We have GOT to get this on DVD.”

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  1. Actually, SciFi is airing the eps Fridays at 7 p.m. You missed a marathon of the first few eps yesterday..but I am sure they will reshow them all.

    And I appreciate the spoiler free review….I am about to go nuts with excitement to see it tonite.

  2. My husband just got the Firefly DVD and made me watch the pilot episode. I wasn’t sure I would like it at first but it was really good. We are both looking forward to the movie.

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