Thursday Morning – It is drizzling and hazy outside. If the weather forecast is accurate, this evening the windows to the house will all be opened and the air turned off for a few days of fresh air instead of the artificial, recirculated stuff that has been electrically cooled all summer. A naked Amy is dancing to The Doodlebops and giggling loudly. Evan is standing in the exersaucer staring at Molly. He is going through the 5 minutes phase where he can only spend 5 minutes on a single activity or in a specific location. Molly is stretched out on the couch so that there is no space for anyone else. Doug is doing something in his basement office as evidenced by the frequent grumblings and occasional curse words that drift up the staircase. Mom is tapping on her computer, unable to bathe until Evan settles in for his morning nap. His nap will be less than 30 minutes since Amy is home. Amy has stopped giggling and is no longer in sight which means that destruction is occuring somewhere so, no more computer play for Mom.

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