Dear Carter's,

Your "Just One Year" line of clothing is everything that parents want for their new children. Adorably cute designs made of soft, comfortable fabrics in baby friendly fashions with snaps at the crotch and onesie styles. My baby is just four months old and he has almost outgrown this line already. He is wearing 9-month sized clothing now and will need 12-month sized clothing for winter. You can't imagine my disappointment to see the 12-month style clothing for boys is almost entirely pants and shirt as separates instead of onesies. I am going to have to squeeze an elastic waistband around my infant's soft round tummy to keep him clothed this winter. Changing a diaper will involve physically removing his pants instead of just undoing a few snaps. I want the 8 more months of baby-friendly clothing that I was promised with your "Just One Year" line. My child is not abnormally large. He is still in the normal range on the growth charts. Please add an extra size to the "Just One Year" line of clothing so that infants can wear that style of clothing longer.

Thank you,

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  1. Well I’ll be sending all of Evan’s Christmas presents early so he can at least wear them some before he out grows them.

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