Today I drove past two older-model cars broken down on the road. One man pushed his car toward his destination while the other worked under the hood to try and resurrect the dead vehicle. Yesterday I watched as both of the customers in front of me carefully purchased their groceries with food stamps. Each item in their carts was a very basic food staple. Saturday a girl asked if she could be a part of our Girl Scout troop even though her entire family is living in a Motel, the last stop before homelessness. There is no greed or sloth, only desperation and futility. Every time I open my eyes, I see people who are struggling to have food and shelter. The more I see, the more I wonder if the working poor are invisible to the wealthy out of denial or ignorance.

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  1. I’ve been gone for so long (but I’m back now) – just wanted to come by and say hi and congrats on Evan!

  2. I probably started w/ the Reagan admin and his ‘homelessnes as a choice’ idea is a start. Chris w/ a dangly earring could give you volumns of ideas about it.

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