Because I’m a bad mom, I have started letting Sarah stay up and watch LOST with Doug and I on Wednesdays. At least I’m not Hurley’s mom. “It’s Jesus on the phone.” We knew after last week’s episode that there are other research facilities (there are at least 3 on this island) but now we know that one of them is abandoned. The other group of survivors have turned feral. Are they sick or being preyed upon by the pirates? Does anyone else think Charlie is smarmier while Sawyer is more human this season? I am still mulling over the scientists’ main goals – meteorology, psychology, para-psychology, zoology, electromagnetism (has to be station 3) and a Utopian society.

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  1. It’s honestly all your fault I’m now addicted to Lost:) I let DJ stay up and watch it with me, too, sometimes. This week he drove me crazy with questions about Ana.

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