So somewhere along the line I stopped favoring gun control legislation. I know it has something to do with the Patriot Act and legislation that crosses the line into personal choice and freedom. I suspect it has something to do with immaturity as paternal defiance. Before you get too excited, I also believe that prostitution and marijuana should be legalized. I still have a problem with those giant crosses by the roadside simply because I am not willing to look at giant swastikas along the beautiful Tennessee highways. I know that is closed minded but, well, tough.

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  1. Yeah, they’re privately owned and on private property, yet they “accost” drivers by looming large in the space being viewed as the drivers pass by on public roads. Still, though, I have to agree with Uncle, and add: I’m free to look away. Sort of.

  2. I agree! Legalize and Tax everything.

    Place higher tax rates on items with higher societal cost (drugs, alcohol, prostitution) and get rid of taxes on the basic necessities (diapers, food, water, etc…) but keep taxes on delivered prepared food and restaurants.

    Tax priviledge, don’t tax necessity, and tax according to the ultimate dependence upon societal care.

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