I read a lot of blogs with SharpReader. Unlike all the parent blogs and Autism blogs I love, two blogs I read are popular bloggers with whom I have almost nothing in common. One is a blog celebrity law professor and the other is a cat and baseball loving technical guru. One is a blogging filter who posts links to good blog and media reads daily with occasional nods to his wife and Amazon partners links to support his blogging. He is mega-popular but keenly careful and usually politically correct when offering a personal opinion. The other is a darkly sarcastic, quick-witted Texan who is very clear about his personal and political take on things. His cat-blogging and news photos are Comedy Central-worthy political satire. It used to bother me that one ignores the other (presumably because of his blunt, in-your-face style) while the other thinks that blog celebs live in Ivory towers (he obviously hasn’t seen the UTK campus or read the budget allocating all money to sports) but not any more. If you can’t sit down together and enjoy good bbq there just isn’t any common ground for peace.

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