gender stereotypes, emotions and blogging

Men are generally seen as stoic and limited in their emotional range. You rarely hear them weep or talk about their stress and anxiety. I worked in mental health and rarely heard men discuss their feelings. The females in the snack room would be huddled together discussing their personal emotional state of being while the men casually talked about camping or sports. Since I started blogging I have read men discussing their feelings, worries and hopes more than I ever heard from male relatives, friends or coworkers. Why?

Are men just more willing to blog about things than talk about them? Are men who blog more introspective? Is it the blogging or the blogger?

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  1. I’m pretty sure men who blog have feelings — even those who don’t blog are bound to have some. maybe.

    Perhaps the blog-world is a more tech version of the primate kind of chest-thumping? Some of the stuff i read is both introspective and encourages thought, but certainly not all.

    As for the general roles of men and women, it seems to me the gap between women who learn to express themselves and the men who avoid developing such expressions leads to most of the problems folk have in relating to each other. Its a skill/ability women are usually working at and men just don’t or haven’t much in generations past.

  2. i think blogging lends a kind of anonominity that the snack room doesnt offer.
    its safer to share your feelings/fears when no one knows who you are.

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