More LOST questions –
Did Boone have an 80s haircut on purpose?
Why did Ana say the others took a lot of “things” instead of people?
Since Sayid said he would never leave Shannon, will he die next?
Do the others hate children or are they using them as miners?
Why haven't they gone back and searched the Black Rock?
Why doesn't Jack investigate the meds that are in the bunker?

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  1. How about:
    The Others are sterile from experiments on the isle so they have to abduct children to be their own.

    Don’t forget the forgotten plot line of:
    Dead bodies originally found at the cave were drawing lots with white (and 1 black) marbles. Why were they drawing lots and who neatly laid the final 2 bodies to rest?

  2. I think the Others are taking the children to increase their numbers quickly – kids are adaptable and will fall in their “lifestyle” pretty easily. Adults would fight them and possibly be dangerous but kids can be managed.
    I think Ana meant that those Others had done alot of things besides stealing people. I’m assuming there was rape and possibly torture of someone who had fought them.
    Geez, I hope Sayid isn’t next!! Gotta have SOME eyecandy on that screen lol.

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